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Feed savings by formulation – practical case – by Baris Yavuz

May 20, 2024
June 12, 2020

BARIS YAVUZ, Global technical Advisor - ADISSEOHere we standard corn and Soybean meal based broiler grower diet as an example. This diet is based on crude protein and total amino acids. We don’t need any crude protein restriction in the diet as we already have amino acids When we have taken crude protein out of the formula, crude protein level dropped 0.5% unit and we saved nearly 2.5€ per ton of feed.
We don’t need total amino acids as we have already digestible ones in the formula.
When we formulate based on digestible amino acids instead of total amino acids, we can reduce crude protein further and we can save more feed cost.

Replacing 500FTU phytase by 1000 FTU phytase will allow us to extract more from phytate and opens more space to energy sources in the diet. So we can save further feed cost.

And finally, by supplementation of Rovabio® Advance, you can increase your overall feed digestibility by 3%.
By using Rovabio® Advance with full nutritional matrix, you can reduce your feed cost, without sacrificing performance.
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