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Feed Cost reduction under Covid19 situation
Poultry – by Baris Yavuz

July 15, 2024
June 29, 2021

BARIS YAVUZ, Global technical Advisor - ADISSEO

Covid19 affect the world and our feed industry. Depending on the countries, the impact is different but in the most past of the world, the restaurants are closed, food chain shifted form restaurants to houses, workers in feed mills and slaughterhouses are sick leading to close plants and reorganize all the chain. As a concequence, meat consumptions falled down sharply and it’s sometimes necessary to keep animals some more time in housings.

60 to 70% of the cost of a broiler is feed so decrease this feed cost is key at a time when all expenses must be, more than ever, controlled.

These are the 5 tips you can use that will directly impact this cost:

  1. Reducing crude protein level of monogastrics feed helps you to reduce feed cost immediately. You can reduce 0.5% unit of Crude Protein by taking it out of the formula. Remember, monogastrics doesn’t need crude protein but amino acids.
  2. Using digestible amino acids instead of total amino acids in feed formulation, reduces CP, 0.5% unit more and consequently you save more money.
  3. Reducing Metabolic Energy wherever possible. In poultry a NE system has not been well established for the time being but in other monogastrics all information is available today. Reducing energy is also possible with NSP-enzyme like Rovabio® products.
  4. Reducing Inorganic phosphates (Pi) in diets. In addition to impact positively the feed cost, it decreases Pi excretion and opens more space for energy sources.
    To go even further, using 1000 FTU phytase instead of 500 also helps reducing both cost and impact on environment. Finally, phytase spares some energy and amino acids as well.
    Recent trials show that actual AvP and Ca requirements of poultry is much less compared to breeder recommendations. (need a source here)
  5. Give more space to plant-based by-products in diets. With NSP enzymes, you can turn high fibrous raw materials into more valuable one.
Rovabio® Advance and Rovabio® Advance Phy, the two Adisseo’s Feedase allow to really formulate while taking care of all those parameters to optimize the cost while preserving the growth of the animals. Full matrix are available to extract all the value of your raw materials and growth potential from your birds.
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