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A few tips to keep the production profitability during Cov-19 outbreak – IRAN – by Amin Mansouri

July 15, 2024
July 02, 2020
Hello Everyone!

Amin Mansouri technical marketing manager Adisseo

The poultry industry is currently suffering from different challenges due to the Covid-19 outbreak:

  • Because of the widespread quarantine and lockdowns, poultry meat and eggs consumption and their prices have been sharply fallen.And at the same time:
  • Prices of vitamins, amino acids, and many other additives are rapidly increasing.

These two factors significantly reduced the production profitability.

Given the current situation, I suggest paying more attention to a few points that we may not have paid enough attention to them before!

  1. The first point is choosing the right enzyme and count on its matrix value to have a lower feed cost and same or even better performance!
    Rovabio® is a range of enzyme solutions with a reliable matrix value which improves feed digestibility.
    Besides, Rovabio Predictor is a software that will help you to define the real matrix value of Rovabio which is dedicated for your own formula
  2. The second point is paying attention to the nutrient contents of raw materials:
    Adisseo PNE is a unique service based on NIR technology to predict the nutritional quality of more than 35 raw materials ; its predictions rely on IN VIVO trials which guarantees the accuracy of the received analysis.
  3. The third point is checking the enzymatic activity that may be affected during the feed production process.
    Rovabio Test kit is a rapid tool to check enzymatic activities in a mash, pelleted or extruded feed, you can ensure that your investment on Rovabio and its matrix value is not wasted!

To summarize:

  • Choose the right NSP enzyme!
  • Calculate the real matrix value of enzyme, dedicated for your own formula.
  • Get accurate information about the nutrient content of your feed raw materials.
And Make sure the enzyme is still active after your feed processing.Stay safe, THE SUN WILL RISE AGAIN!
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