Effect of a feedase in a sand-diluted diet

May 20, 2024
November 16, 2017

To further validate the concept of the global feed digestibility, the effect of a feedase was evaluated in a standard wheat based diet diluted with 3% of sand.

In total 120 Ross PM3 male broilers were reared in a room with controlled environment. They were fed a starter diet from day 1 to 12, and then the experimental diets from day 13 to 22. Four experimental diets were tested: T1 Standard wheat and soybean meal-based diet, T2 T1+Feedase(1), T3 Diluted wheat and soybean meal-based diet (3% sand dilution), T4 T3+Feedase.

Energy utilization and amino acid digestibility were assessed between 12 and 22 days. Water and Feeds were provided ad libitumin pelleted form.

As expected, the dilution of the feed with sand decreased by 3% the AME level compared to the control diet (T1). In both cases, standard and diluted diets, the addition of a feedase improved the Apparent Metabolizable Energy by 2.8% and 2.9% respectively. The feedase was able to recover the 3% AME losses promoted by the dilution.

The ileal amino acid digestibility was also increased by 3.3% thanks to the addition of the feedase.

This study shows that this feedase can restore a 3% overall feed digestibility.

(1) Rovabio® Advance L

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